Patient Participation Group

If you would like to register for our PPG, please use our online Patient Participation Group Registration form.


The Aldborough Surgery Patient Participation Group’ (Aldborough PPG).


The Aldborough PPG will be affiliated to the National Association for Patient Participation (NAPP).


This PPG will aim to:

  • Contribute to practice decision-making and will consult on service development and provision.
  • Provide feed-back on patients’ needs, concerns and interests and challenge the practice constructively whenever necessary.
  • Assist the practice and its patients by arranging voluntary groups/support within the community.
  • Communicate information about the community which may affect health care.
  • Give patients a voice in the organisation of their health care.
  • Promote good health by encouraging and supporting activities within the practice and promoting preventive medicine.
  • Monitor services, e.g. hospital discharge and support on return to the community.
  • Provide feedback to other NHS organisations on consultations.
  • Keep under review the option to raise funds to support the community’s health care.
  • Liaise with other PPGs in the area.


Membership will be open and free to all patients and staff of the practice.

Please use our online Patient Participation Group Registration form, to sign up to our PPG.

Committee Officers

The committee will comprise four officers (Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer) plus up to eight other members, nominated and elected annually.

Officers can hold office for a maximum of three years, if duly elected. The practice will be represented by a partner and the practice manager and other staff nominated by the practice. Practice members will not be eligible to vote.

  • The committee will meet at least four times between each AGM.
  • The committee will be empowered to manage the affairs of the PPG and to take any action on behalf of the PPG to further its aims.
  • Four members of the committee plus one Officer will constitute a quorum at its meetings.
  • The committee may fill any casual vacancy until the AGM of the group.
  • The committee will have the power to co-opt up to two members for specific purposes of the committee. Co-opted members will not be eligible to vote.
  • The committee will arrange ordinary meetings, open to all PPG members.


In the event that funds are raised by the PPG, all such funds will be handed to the treasurer who will pay them into an account in the name of the PPG at a bank/building society determined by the committee. Any two officers of the PPG must sign all cheques.

Annual General Meeting

An AGM will be held annually in May. Four weeks’ notice of the day, time and place will be given in the surgery, via local notice boards and in any relevant newsletters.

Any item for the agenda should be sent to the secretary three weeks prior to the AGM date.

Report and Accounts

At each AGM, the committee will present a report of the activities of the PPG and its own proceedings during the previous year, together with a statement of accounts, if any, up to the end of the financial year (31 March).

Special Meeting

A special meeting to discuss constitutional or other matters can be called if the committee so resolve, giving the same notice as for an AGM.

Alteration of the Constitution

This constitution may be amended by a resolution passed at an AGM or a special meeting of the PPG if approved by a two-thirds majority of members present and voting.

Availability of this Constitution

On request, any patient of Aldborough Surgery can be supplied with a copy of this constitution.