Patient Transport Services

What is PTS?

Non emergency patient transport services, known as PTS, are typified by the non urgent, planned, transportation of patients with a medical need for transport to and from a premises providing NHS healthcare and between NHS healthcare providers.

This can and should encompass a wide range of vehicle types and levels of care consistent with the patients’ medical needs.

Who is eligible for PTS?

Eligible patients are those:

  • Where the medical condition of the patient is such that they require the skills or support of PTS staff on/after the journey and/or where it would be detrimental to the patient’s condition or recovery if they were to travel by other means.
  • Where the patient’s medical condition impacts on their mobility to such an extent that they would be unable to access healthcare and/or it would be detrimental to the patient’s condition or recovery to travel by other means.
  • Recognised as a parent or guardian where children are being conveyed.

PTS could also be provided to a patient’s escort or carer where their particular skills and/or support are needed e.g. this might be appropriate for those accompanying a person with a physical or mental incapacity, vulnerable adults or to act as a translator. Discretionary provision such as this would need to be agreed in advance, when transport is booked.

Who supplies non-emergency patient transport service

The NHS non-emergency patient transport service for Norfolk (excluding Great Yarmouth & Waveney) is provided by ERS Medical. Great Yarmouth & Waveney and Suffolk is provided by the East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust (EEAST).

Patients and carers in Norfolk can book journeys with ERS by telephoning: 0333 240 4100. Eligibility criteria apply.

Further information regarding ERS medical can be found on the ERS website.

Patients and carers in Suffolk can book journeys with EEAST by telephoning: 0845 8500774. Eligibility criteria apply.

Cancelling PTS

If you no longer require PTS which you have booked or your appointment is cancelled or re-scheduled, always inform the provider you have booked with. PTS is a valuable resource and transport not cancelled could have been used for someone else.

What if I am not eligible for PTS?

PTS eligibility has not been extended to include patients who do not fit the criteria outlined in the information above e.g. those who have a social need for transport. Below is information about alternatives to PTS.

Community Car Schemes

There are a number of community car schemes which bring patients to the hospital, they charge a mileage fee which is much less than taxi fares.

Transport Plus is a community car scheme that covers most of Norfolk. You can telephone Transport Plus on 0344 800 8020.

For many years Village Care has provided a transport service for people who need to be taken to the surgery, medical appointments or to visit relatives in hospital or care homes and have no other means of getting there. To arrange a lift, please contact Michael Gandy on 01263 570097. For general enquiries please contact Jane Maguire on 01263 761578.

Please note, most community car schemes will need a minimum of three working days notice for a booking and will not accept bookings prior to two weeks of the appointment.

Help with Travel Costs

Do you need help with travel costs? If you are not eligible for transport, you may be eligible for reimbursement of travel expenses if you are receiving certain benefits.

Loan of money to help you use public transport to return home

You may have been brought to A&E by ambulance or by a friend who has now left, and do not have any money on your person. If you are medically fit to travel home independently, we can loan you enough money to enable you get home safely by public transport.